The leading suppliers of tube bending services

There are so many areas and applications that require tubular products. It is this wide and varied demand that dictates the need for the most professionally produced products. There is no substitute for the application of the finest possible techniques and the best manipulation methods available. When it comes to tube reduction, expansion and bending, absolute accuracy is key.

The products produced by tube manipulation are suitable for architects and contractors, as the flexibility of the process enables the delivery of functional and uniquely designed structural components. Spiral staircases and bridges are just some of the many examples. The metal forming process does not just serve functional and practical applications. The products are also used in many creative mediums for the production of art sculptures and contemporary furniture. There are also many areas of the automotive and oil industries that require tubular parts, and the major benefit of the tube bending process is that the materials fully retain their strength which makes them impervious to breakages and leaks.

We provide a full range of manipulation services that successfully meet the varied needs of industry, including tube reduction, expansion, swaging and drilling. We have been providing these services for many years and there is no sector we cannot assist. We have paid careful attention to every aspect of our service and over the years we have evolved into the preferred suppliers of manipulated tubes. We manufacture the products you need and deliver them at prices you can afford.

From internal shop fittings to components for radiators, chair frames, railings and barriers we are the name to trust for every request. The range of materials we work with includes copper, food grade stainless steel, brass and aluminium and our tubular products are available in many shapes and sizes. There is incredible potential for alteration offered by manipulation without cutting away any of the material, meaning you can get the exact products you need without having to compromise on strength or quality of the material.