Tube expansion requires care and precision

When carrying out tube expansion, it is important to account for the stresses the material will face. If this is not done the finished material could potentially be weakened or left uneven. Additional care needs to be taken with joints to ensure they are neither under or over rolled. Any problems with the tubing from not accounting for stress can lead to huge additional costs, particularly if a large batch needs to be completely re-done.

With tubing, the dimensions you start with will determine how far it can safely be expanded. As the diameter of the tube increases the wall thickness will reduce as the material is stretched out. You need to keep an eye on this and make sure the expansion is even. The finished tube should be checked to make sure there are no flaws or inconsistencies. The level of wall reduction that is acceptable will also depend on the application and the material you are using.

If you’re looking at bespoke tubing, it is best to go to a reliable producer if you want to guarantee your needs are met accurately. The process takes precision so an experienced manufacturer is essential, particularly if you want to avoid quality issues or other problems. We are one of the most experienced providers in the UK and can meet any requirements. We are committed to ensuring our customers receive nothing but the best products and services.

We can carry out tube expansion using top of the range machinery or by hand, depending on your needs. By bringing together engineering expertise and modern equipment, we can provide the best standards with every length of tubing we provide. Our knowledge of different materials means we can cater for a wide range of needs and specifications. Bespoke tubes are our forte and we can meet both large and small scale requirements. The whole tube can be expanded or smaller sections including end pieces if you want to be able to slot lengths together.