Maintaining accuracy with tube ring rolling

At Multiform Tubes Ltd we create rings from tubing made from a variety of materials, including steel, copper, and more. Our team have the skills to work with different thickness of tube. In addition, we can adapt various shapes of tubing, including round and square. Our goal is to offer the most reliable tube ring rolling in the UK.

Being accurate

Tube ring rollingQuality is very important when it comes to ring rolling. The biggest challenge is ensuring the rings are accurate. The last thing a client wants is to start working to roll the tube only to find the two ends will not meet. When this happens the ring cannot be complete and the section of tubing will go to waste. It also wastes the time it has taken to work the tube to this point.

Luckily, our team keep a close eye on the rolling process. The close control means they observe the tube as it forms into a ring, making sure it will be accurate. This also avoids issues such as over and under rolling.


Another key thing with rings is that they have the same diameter all the way around. If done incorrectly the rolling process can cause bulges and deformations. This can ruin the whole ring. To avoid this it may be necessary to support the tube as it is rolled. Again it is also important to avoid over rolling.

Work hardening

This is yet another important thing to consider. Some metals are prone to hardening when you work them. This can be a big problem with creating rings because of the amount of working it can take. As a result it is important to be careful to avoid things like tube fracture.

Our team have experience dealing with materials that can have an issue with hardening, including stainless steel. Therefore, we know what it takes to create rings from them. For example, we know when we need to work smoothly and when it is important to be quicker. The end result will be great quality rings that meet the right specs.

Talk to us about tube ring rolling

Tube rings are great for all kinds of applications. For example, they are common in machinery, aerospace products, offshore installations, and turbines. In addition, they can be in furniture and things such as valve wheels.

Multiform Tubes Ltd is one of the most reputable providers of tube alteration services in the UK. Clients can come to us with all kinds of tubing and ask us to adapt it to create new products for them. Tube ring rolling is one area where we excel. However, we can also offer things like drilling, end forming, and bending. That means we can offer the right service for practically every client.

If you would like to ask us about a project or want a price, please get in touch.