Staying safe when tube drilling

There are safety concerns when people use any kind of tool or piece of machinery. Even if the users have a lot of experience, they need to consider safety. They also need to take care when they are working. As one of the UK’s leading names for tube alterations, we know about the specific hazards of working with metal tubes. We take them on board and offer the safest services. This includes things like tube drilling, bending, and end forming.

Important rules

Tube DrillingOne of the biggest hazards if you drill metal tubing is the potential that it could roll. If you are holding the tube or resting it on a surface, this could cause your drill to slip. The end result could be a serious injury. It is therefore better to carefully clamp the tube in place to it cannot move.

Eye protection is absolutely vital when you drill metal, whether it is a tube, a sheet, or any other product. The drilling can throw small sharp pieces of metal into the air. The last thing you want is for one of them to get in an eye.

Some of these chips of metal can get stuck around the workpiece when you are tube drilling. It is a good idea to carefully remove them so they don’t fly up or damage the tooling or piece of metal. Here you need to stop drilling and then gently brush them away. Don’t use a bare hand though as the chips can be very sharp.

Many people like to wear gloves when they are working. However, you need to be careful with this when you are working with tools and machinery. This is because a loose glove could get caught and cause injury.

Another thing to keep in mind is that tube edges can be sharp, especially if the manufacturer did not deburr them after cutting. This means you need to take care when actually handling and placing the tubes. The same is true after you drill the holes. There may be sharp burrs around them so be careful here too.

Finally, one thing we always do is take care with the drill bits. Drilling metal is a tough process and puts a lot of pressure on them. You need to be careful to ensure they don’t snap and fly off. This could be very dangerous. To avoid this, you need to ensure you aren’t putting too much pressure on the bit. You should also keep an eye on the tooling and replace it when it starts to go dull.

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