Maintaining the grain structure with tube reduction

At Multiform Tubes Ltd we provide an array of services to adapt tubing. Our team can work with different metals and have the right equipment to offer tube reduction, expansion, bending, and more. Our aim is to deliver the very best results every time. One way we do this is by taking care to protect the grain structure of the materials. This can preserve their mechanical properties and characteristics.

What is the grain structure?

Tube reductionYou may not know it but metals have an inner microstructure that is comprised of crystalline grains. It is possible to see this by looking through a microscope. An examination of the grain, including the size and orientation, can give a better idea of the characteristics of the metal.

Metals get their grain microstructure because of the elements in the alloy and the manufacturing process. How they are made will have an impact on it. For example, a cast metal will have different grains to a forged one.

People will usually specify the alloy of the metal very carefully to ensure the final material has the right characteristics and properties. This is very important because even a small difference in the grain could affect the strength, hardness, and more.

Taking care with tube reduction and other alterations

Our goal at Multiform Tubes Ltd is to provide excellent tubing that is perfect for the application. To do this, we want to ensure that our services do not affect the grain structure and characteristics of the metal. We take care with this so there won’t be an issue.

Reducing or swaging tubes is one service where people worry about the effect on the microstructure of the metal. Luckily, we can assure clients that our reduction will not ruin it. Regardless of the degree of reduction, we will do our best to preserve it. As a result there should not be issues such as weak or harder spots, or areas with less corrosion protection.

If you want to arrange a service like tube reduction, please contact us. We can work on various metals, from different types of steel to titanium, copper, and more. In every case we look to deliver reliable solutions.