Manipulate the problems away

Tube manipulation is one of our most useful services. The main reason is that all sorts of industries are able to benefit from it easily. We also use modern equipment to accurately and efficiency work on the tubes. This allows us to produce the top results that clients expect from us.

The people we help

Tube manipulationThe great thing about tubing is we can manipulate it to suit various needs. We work with a huge array of customers. This includes manufacturers and metal workers. We also support construction companies. When doing business with a client, we progress honouring their distinct specifications and demands.

Tube manipulation is especially beneficial when you compare to welding. There are advantages in series production or larger quantities. It is possible to create complex design elements precisely and effectively. You can do this in one production step too. It is also doable without much help.

Price advantages

There are also price benefits to using tube manipulation. Above all else, the areas of tube system installation and construction work have depended on classic joining methods. They have done so for a very long time. However, our technique has become more important in recent years. It is due to the myriad of advantages. For example it is better for production technology and cost.

Here, you can economise the expense of welding fittings. By doing this, you can lower storage, procurement, and material costs. The cost of manipulation and processing time are much lower too.

Design advantages

You can expect to come across some design benefits with this technique as well. It is possible for you to avoid many defects. For example there will be fewer seams and joints. This can help to reduce the risk of flow problems. In turn this can give the system a longer life.

There are plenty of possibilities here. It is easy to manipulate a tube to create a curve, an angle, a spiral, or even open an end so tubes can interlock. This means the tubing can suit a huge array of needs.

Let us assist you

At Multiform Tubes, we have gone to great lengths to ensure ours is one of the most flexible teams around. Additionally, we make sure we can answer any questions people have about us or our services.

As a first rate provider of tube manipulation, we can serve customers all over the UK. If there is anything we can do for you, please get in touch with us. We will help you see how our services can benefit you.