Supporting the tube during reduction

At Multiform Tubes we know all about the potential risks with tube reduction. The most significant ones are the chance of backup, bulging, or cave in. When reducing the diameter, it is easy for the tube to lose its shape. For example pressure on one side may cause it to bulge on the other. It is vital to avoid this so it can’t ruin the tube.

The forming punch

tube reductionOne of the ways to reduce tubing is to use a reducing forming punch. Here there is a specific section to support the tube and reduce the risk of shaping issues. It is known as the tube size section and is the same size as the outside diameter of the tube. It can therefore hold it in place.

The next part of the forming punch is the transition section. This has a gentle slope so the tube gradually reduces to the necessary diameter.

Thirdly there is a tube size area within the punch. This allows you to create a straight run of tube at the smaller diameter. This can be as long as necessary, meaning it can suit the application and specs.

The fourth and final part of the punch is the relief area. This is generally slightly larger than the final diameter. It reduces friction and allows tube springback to protect the aesthetics.

Different materials

Like with any kind of tube manipulation, you must take the material into account. With tube reduction you need to consider how the hardness can restrict how much you can reduce the diameter.

You also have to think about springback and the amount of support that certain metals need. For example, copper is soft and the tube may cave in entirely. If there is a risk of the tubing caving in, you may insert a mandrel into the tube to hold it up. This can be shaped to support the transition part of the tube.

Work with the top team for tube reduction

If you want precise results and tubing that will look fantastic, rely on Multiform Tubes Ltd. We have a wealth of experience and have the pleasure to serve customers in various industries. Whatever the specifics, we are confident we can meet them, overcoming any challenges in the process.

To learn more about what we do here, simply get in touch. We are happy to offer advice if you are unsure about the reducing process or exactly what dimensions you need.