Multiform Tubes deliver precision and professionalism

Precision is important when it comes to the parts used in construction and manufacturing. This is something that can never be overstated or over-emphasised. This is all the more true when it comes to elements that are usually not visible at all times. Thus, it’s not easy to monitor this. Pipes and tubes are a strong example of this. To make sure you can reach the required level of accuracy, you need to secure the services of the leading professionals. We can carry out work like this for you. When it comes to any form of tube expansion, reduction or manipulation, we are the leading choice. This is the case no matter what metal the tubes and pipes are made from.

Tube reduction and tube expansion are two examples of what we deliver to the industry. These are both areas in which precision is essential. Reducing or expanding the end of a tube is done to ensure that it connects correctly with another pipe or other form of joint or opening. A failure to meet these requirements can be catastrophic. An incorrect fitting can allow water, potentially harmful liquids, or even gas to leak. With such pipe and tube work usually being concealed, the risk of damage is all the greater. A problem may well go undetected and be made worse as a consequence.

Using our services will help you to avoid exposure to such risks. We have a reputation for delivering work that is the embodiment of professional precision. Whether it’s delivering the service of either tube expansion or tube reduction, we can help. Our staff are capable of delivering the change in diameter required with the lowest possible tolerance margin in place. Whether your project requires the tube width and diameter to be changed to an existing British Standard recognized size or one of a non-standard measurement, we can do it. We have the expertise and the equipment to make sure you get what you need.

We can work with all forms of metal. Whether you are using a particular grade of steel, iron, copper, brass or a specialist metal such as aluminium and titanium, we’re the team for you. Our knowledge, ability and skill will ensure you get the results required.