Successful tube bending takes care and accuracy

Metallic tubing is used in any number of different applications, from acting as part of a structure to use as handrails or for housing utilities. The fact that tubes can be made in a wide range of sizes, lengths, thicknesses and shapes means they can satisfy a huge amount of different requirements. Whatever the dimensions manufacturers need to ensure that measurements are accurate and the finish is in line with the customer’s requirements. If tubes are being used as part of a larger construction it is also important to ensure you choose the right method of joining them together.

One of the trickiest things to do with a length of rounded tube is drill holes in it. The smooth curved surface makes it very difficult to do it by hand, especially as the tube will have a tendency to turn. The turning and positioning can see you struggle to get the clean finish you want. Drilling is easier if you can clamp the tube down and use machinery to drill the holes but you need to be careful when clamping to make sure you don’t cause any damage.

When assembling products it is much quicker if parts are already pre-drilled. This saves you the time of doing it yourself and will also help to ensure that pieces fit together properly. It also means your assembly time will be lower and brings great cost savings.

We specialise in tube bending services of all kinds, and can offer a full range of services to provide bespoke items. We do everything from rolling and welding to tube drilling, expansion and reduction. Whatever you need to create the materials you need we can provide it for you. With every service we take the utmost care and guarantee accuracy.

When drilling tube we use the best machinery and ensure that each length is secured in place to avoid shifting. Holes are drilled cleanly and all excess material is removed to leave a smooth finish so you can assemble pieces very quickly. Whether you need a single hole or a multitude we can cater for your needs. Any sized hole can be drilled, just let us know the size of bolts you will be using. If you also want an assembly service we can provide this for you and ship finished items to you.