The vast number of applications for steel tubes

At Multiform we are proud of the various services that we provide. Some examples are tube reduction, swaging, and drilling. We offer these so that you can have a product that matches your requirements. We make sure there are various types and specifications of tubes available for use in different sectors. This includes a wide range of steel ones.


Since the early 90s manufacturers in this industry have been using tubing more and more. People can make them with precision for use in various areas of the car. Internal parts of the vehicle, fuel injection, in the suspension, and the vehicle control systems are all examples.

Construction and Engineering

In these areas people use tubing of various shapes depending on their need and the aesthetic finish you want. Workers can create welded frames and structures from both square and round tube. The tubes can also transport gas and liquids with ease to get them where you want them. Hydraulics, medical equipment, boilers, and agricultural equipment are some examples of this. It could also be scaffold, sewage, or more as the uses of tubes are wide.

Correct Specifications

It is vital that you receive tubing that meets your exact specifications. This ensures that the tube is high quality and the right fit for the job. The result of this will be a product you can rely on. The specification is even more crucial when it comes to assembly.

People value tubes for their toughness and durability. Depending on the material and finish, they can withstand extreme temperatures, corrosion, and also various pressures. Technological advancements have made it possible to produce them quickly and with premier results.

We can work to give you something that will meet your specifications, especially if it is steel tubes. Contact Multiform if you are ever in need of our brilliant services. Our work is broad and includes things like tube reduction and beading. We can also use our extensive experience to provide advice and try to answer your queries.