Producing accurately manipulated tubes

All forms of tubing offer great versatility, as they can be bent in an array of angles and directions. This enables the easy production of all kinds of tubular products including chair and furniture frames, gearshifts, pull and push handles, display racks, hand rails and many more. We are the experts in tube manipulation, tube reduction and expansion, and we provide an outstanding service to many sectors. The years we have spent in the industry have naturally equipped us with unmatched skills and knowledge in our field.

Tube bending offers every capability to construct a vast selection of products. Anything that has a tubular form can be produced, and we can deliver tube bending of several materials such as brass, copper, steel and aluminium. We are dedicated to delivering the best services available and we use nothing less than the best materials combined with the most up to date machinery and equipment. We believe in a limitless service and customer satisfaction comes from being presented with choice. We offer tubes in over 200 shapes and sizes, ensuring we can meet every specification.

Our many services include specialised tube reduction, fabrication, expansion, beading and many more. Ring rolling involves bending tubes with the process of manipulation. The process incorporates hot rolling which occurs when the temperature of the metal rises above its recrystallization temperature and cold rolling which involves the temperature being lower. Ring rolling will successfully manipulate even the strongest of tubes. The tubes incur no flattening and possess perfect curves. The components created by ring rolling can be used in a variety of areas.

We pride ourselves on producing precise results, as accuracy is extremely important when it comes to tube manipulation. We understand that every customer needs reliable service and flexibility, along with fantastic results at affordable prices. Tube ring rolling offers flexibility, and our state of the art process can produce anything from heating components to spiral staircases. For every aspect of tube manipulation, tube reduction and expansion, and a cost-effective service that will save you money and deliver versatile and first class products, you can rest assured we will deliver.