Tubing can be manipulated in many different ways

Tubing is used for countless applications in the modern world, from carrying fluids or gases to forming safety railings or the frames of bicycles and shop fittings. Tube manipulation techniques let you transform standard lengths into a wide range of amazing shapes, including angles, curves, rings and almost anything else you can imagine. Modern machinery means tubes can be manipulated with ease without risking the structural integrity, shape or the finish of the product.

Lengths of tube can be bent, curved, expanded or reduced to create the finished product you want. Whatever shape you need the tubing to be, it can be manipulated however you need. When considering the end product, you’ll need to keep in mind what kind of wall thickness you need and how this will affect the manipulation. Thicker tubing is more difficult to bend and can limit the shapes you can have made. Consulting the producer is wise to ensure they can meet your thickness and design needs.

We specialise in tube manipulation and offer services to clients from a wide range of different industries. We offer the highest quality products and take standards very seriously, ensuring that every single finished piece is checked and meets the required specifications. Whether you have a standard requirement or something completely bespoke you can rely on us to serve you. Our experience has seen us produce tubes on both the small and large scale, ranging from short lengths with thin walls to large, thick walled products.

Our modern manufacturing facility is complete with top of the line machinery and a talented workforce possessing extensive experience. We have built a fantastic reputation and worked with customers from all across the UK. Efficiency is an important foundation of our business model and we strive to ensure that products are finished in the fastest possible timescale. If you have an urgent requirement, even if it is for a completely bespoke piece of tubing, we will do our best to get it to you as fast as we can.