Supplying hydraulic tubes

We have a huge range of materials that we can offer when you come to us for tube drilling, ring rolling and any other type of tube manipulation. From copper to titanium, there are numerous materials that we can manipulate and modify to suit your exact purposes. However, we can also sell hydraulic tubes for the specific purpose of being used in hydraulic systems. We know that we can cut no corners when it comes to these tubes, and you can always rest assured that they offer superb levels of strength and durability.

Hydraulic tubes are the main framework of hydraulic systems, and they need to be as strong and hard wearing as possible. These systems are used mostly in the aerospace industry, but also find use across a range of heavy industries. From operating landing gear to being used in vehicles such as excavators and operating heavy machinery, hydraulic tubes are put under a lot of stress. They need to be created in such a way that they protect their internal components and do not compromise the integrity or operation of the system.

Most hydraulic tubes are made out of hard-wearing materials such as steel and stainless steel so that they can handle the working load of the system. They need to be the right length and thickness to ensure that the system works correctly. We create hydraulic tubes to the exact standards required for all of our customers. We ensure that all tubes are created perfectly and without error, so that they can work correctly in the systems that they are used in. We can construct hydraulic tubes out of a range of materials and can even submit them to our usual tube manipulation services, ensuring that they are correct for whatever application you need to use them for.

With highly trained engineers and cutting-edge machinery, we can manufacture hydraulic tubes to your exact specifications. Whatever material you need and whatever shape you require your tube to be in, you will receive it. From tube drilling to ring rolling to swaging to reduction and expansion, we can change and alter your tubes to suit without weakening them in any way.