Ring rolling is one of the easiest ways to manipulate tubing

Tubing is very versatile and can be used to create many different products. Modern techniques mean you can manipulate lengths of tube to make them curved or even angular without compromising the integrity of the material. Top of the line machinery makes the manipulation very easy and far less labour intensive than it once would have been. Additionally, equipment also helps to ensure the finish on the tubing isn’t affected when it is manipulated.

Tube ring rolling is an efficient process and lets you adapt a standard tube in several different ways. You can choose various degrees of curve or angle, U or J bends and S curves or complete rings. The tubes will be manipulated gently and carefully to ensure there is no weakening of the materials or flaws in the finish.

Multiform Tubes is a UK based specialist committed to offering the best bespoke tube manipulation for whatever application you have in mind. We have gathered experience over several years in the industry and mastered the techniques it takes to produce accurate products. With success we have been able to invest in better equipment and refine each aspect of our service to ensure we are in the perfect position to serve our clients.

Tube ring rolling is an area we truly excel at. We can manipulate tubing in almost any way imaginable and have the skills to work with both standard circular or oval options as well as square and rectangular. We guarantee the best finish on every length of tube we produce and have several quality control processes in place to make sure we maintain the highest standards.

With tubing we can offer a wide range of different finishes regardless of the shape you have opted for. We can also work with various wall thicknesses so you can get curved or bent tubing to suit your exact specifications. On top of this we also have the ability to work with various lengths, ranging from the smallest components to large infrastructural tube.

Whatever your tube manipulation needs you can rely on us to offer the highest quality tube ring rolling services. We provide value for money and will ensure you are 100% happy with the products you receive.