Reasons for using aluminium tube packaging in cosmetics

If you’re in need of reliable tube manipulation services, we can provide them to you. We’ve been specialising in this field for a long time. The reputation we have is one of excellence because we can offer clients leading solutions. They can serve a myriad of industries too, making our services some of the most versatile in the UK.

The history of aluminium tubes

Tube manipulationMetal tube has been used to house many products for centuries. There are lots of popular options, including aluminium tubes. This tubing is great for a plethora of sectors too. For one, they are common for cosmetics. Also, you can use the tube for industrial products, pharmaceuticals, and food stuffs. Cosmetics are the ones we want to talk about here.

While metals were popular for a long time, with the rise of plastic and its widespread use, they lost some popularity. In more recent history though, aluminium has regained traction with some packaging. Social media has been a surprisingly big help. Online influencers increasingly promote products on Instagram, many of which feature aluminium tube.

Aluminium’s aesthetic value has certainly had a hand in its popularity. Looks are essential for sales. There are several vital considerations for the packaging, such as tube fold type and volume. There is also colour, cap type, and material recyclability.

The advantages of aluminium tube packaging

The persisting use of the packaging is a testament to the advantages the material offers. Let’s go over some of the top benefits now. Then you can choose us if you need tube manipulation.


It is possible to recycle aluminium repeatedly without it losing its quality. With other packaging materials, they either won’t be recyclable or will only manage a few uses. It’s possible to recycle aluminium infinitely. Such a factor is particularly vital to environmentally conscious consumers. They are often actively looking for recyclable packaging.

Product protection

Aluminium is extremely tough and airtight. It creates an impermeable barrier to external elements and defends the item. For particularly sensitive goods, substantial protection from oxygen, moisture, and light is critical. Sensitive items can include pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Specific merchandise might also hold harsh chemicals. You will need to house these in a suitable and strong substance, like aluminium.

The pressure seal feature of aluminium tube packaging is essential for product preservation as well. By making sure the tubes don’t suck air back when the item gets dispensed, they stop bacteria encountering the product.


Even though it is robust, the metal is still relatively lightweight. This is an excellent thing for shipping. Moreover, the tube shape aids us in guaranteeing space efficiency. You can ship more items in the same amount of space. The tubes resist knocks and are very tough. Thus, there is not much worry over damage in transit.


Usually, aluminium tube packaging comes with a silver, metallic sheen. But, there are multiple customisation options available, like colour and finish. So, you can design the tubes to fit your branding. This is important for recognition and customer loyalty. You can also choose tube manipulation to adapt the shape.


The packaging isn’t too restrained. It can come in all sorts of sizes to match your demands. Smaller packaging may be better for travel size goods and cosmetic samples. It is also good for products sensitive to air in particular. Examples include nail glue and eyelashes. They last better in more protected, small loads. However, you can also go larger with the tubing if necessary.

Tamper protection

Most people want to ensure their cosmetics have not been tampered with. This is especially true with high end goods. Aluminium tube packaging is great here. It is hard to break through. It can also easily incorporate seals over the neck.

We’re a flexible company when it comes to tube manipulation

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, the team prides itself on the flexibility of its work. We have what it takes to deal with a multitude of tubing materials. Besides aluminium, we have experience with copper, multiple steels, brass, and titanium. Whatever you need, we are confident we can achieve it.

So, if you’re interested in using our tube manipulation services, let us know. We’ll be happy to see how they can work for you.