Ring rolling for tubes

Tubes are amazingly versatile. With the right equipment, a tube can be morphed into practically any shape that is desired. They can be rolled into rings or even morphed into ‘S’ and ‘U’ shapes. It is this versatility and level of customisation which makes tubes useful for such a huge range of services, and which makes customised tubes sought after by most industries who need them to craft their products as accurately as possible. We have the facilities, the machinery and the trained staff needed to complete accurate and speedy tube ring rolling for your business needs.

Tube ring rolling essentially entails modifying the tube in such a way that its curvature is heavily modified. It may involve turning a long length of tube into a solid, spring-like shape or it may involving taking a short tube and bending it in such a way that it curves at the ends or in the middle. It can be used to transform long tubes into complete rings. They may also be shaped into coils. Using cutting-edge machinery and our technical knowledge, we can modify your tubes into these shapes and even more.

Ring rolled tubes generally find a plethora of uses across a number of industries. Coils and bent tubes are often utilised in the internal components of heating machinery. They are also used for the internal components and parts of vehicles and other industrial equipment where they need to be bent and modified to save on space within the machinery. They may be used for furniture and find use in shop fittings, railings and various other products.

When you turn to our team for tube ring rolling, you can choose from a wide selection of strong, durable materials, and you can always expect the best possible customer service and a swift delivery. With our expert technicians, you can be assured of a fully comprehensive service and the best products available on the market, combining value for money with excellent quality.