The basics of polishing aluminium

Sometimes, it’s necessary to manipulate tubes in certain ways. Without these alterations, it would be impossible for you to use them. We can help you by supplying first-rate alteration services such as tube swaging. This process is to give the inner tube a different shape. At the same time, it will keep the exterior circular.

Aluminium tubes are some of the materials we work on with our processes. We favour them due to their rust resistant capabilities. Despite this quality, polishing the tubing is still one of the most rewarding activities out there. If you keep your aluminium parts in order, you can retain their strength. In addition, they will look as good as new. What we’re going to do here is cover the basics of polishing aluminium.


It is essential to clean the metal beforehand to remove any debris. It also makes polishing more effective and simpler. For waste, food, or dirt products that are stuck to the surface, dish soap and water shall suffice. However, it’s best to use a solution more appropriate for your distinct alloy. This will reduce the risk of damage.

Before using any cleaning products on your tubing, test it on a small area to confirm their suitability. After cleaning, be sure to dry your aluminium off thoroughly.


This is another crucial step towards polishing aluminium. In terms of obtaining a notable shine, it’s where applying the most effort and time gives you top results. Depending on the material’s condition, you’ll either want to use a 320 grit paper or a lower grade like 180 grit. Once you’re done here, you can begin the polishing.

At Multiform Tubes, we use tube swaging because there are plenty of advantages on offer. Examples include great surface finishes and short cycle times. Since swaging employs an impact process and not cutting, the integral strength doesn’t change either.

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