Why are my boiler tubes leaking?

Our team members excel in the art of tube expansion. This is a technique where we open the tube end and supply it with a leak proof, snug fit onto other utensils. Such a modification allows you to use your tubing for all kinds of purposes. If you’re after a versatile way of obtaining a tight fitting joint, this is the method to use.

Leaking boiler tubes are some of the most unpleasant sights you’ll ever witness. In general they are somewhat troublesome. At other times though, they can even be dangerous. If you have a problem with them you should never leave it unresolved. This is because it only allows the issue to get worse.

There are plenty of reasons why your tubes would leak; we’re going to cover some of them here.


Wear and tear is one of the leading causes of leaks. Boilers get older and get worn down due to long-term usage. It’s the same with every other appliance. With enough time, the metal can deteriorate because of the constant cooling and warming of the water. Eventually, the material shall crack. The cracks this causes are able to leak water. Wearing and subsequent cracking is also more likely if the tubes are low quality with manufacturing flaws.

A few loose joints

Loose joints could be another cause of the leaks. The boiler is able to expand together with your hot water. Therefore, it’s entirely possible for the joints to loosen. When this is the only complication, the resolution is easy. You have to tighten the joints up. However, the water can carry on pooling the following day. If this happens, the main problem is somewhere else.

At Multiform Tubes, we achieve tube expansion by using two separate methods. This way, it’s easier for us to meet each customer’s individual requirements. For the first method, we utilise a tapered, dedicated die. With the second one, we use a hydraulic operated expanding die. When providing a service we will choose the right method to get the best results.

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