The finer details of tube swaging

Our company is one that excels at using the tube swaging technique. This is a process that makes it easy to change the inner surface of the tubing while keeping the outside one the same. As a result, it can expand the inside diameter to allow easy connections. It can even change the shape of the ID without changing the exterior.

The thing about tube swaging is that it is a cold process that uses high pressure. This is unlike forging, which makes use of heat in order to mould the tubing. Essentially, swaging is a deformation of the initial tube. A hydraulic or mechanical die compresses and reforms the tubes. As a result, it can allow a permanent join between tubes or fittings when you slot them together.

Professional services

Swaging is quite tricky and requires a great deal of precision. If you get it wrong you could compress the inside of the tube too much and not get a good fitting. As a result, it is not something you should try yourself. The best thing to do is to leave it to our skilful personnel. We can provide accurate services for clients in numerous industries, ensuring they have the ability to link tubes for various systems, including those carrying liquids and gases.

Easy fitting

tube swagingThere is a reason why tube swaging allows you to join tubes together easily; it bends and fits separate parts together to produce a cohesive system. You can find a complex set up of tubes in several machines and applications. Thus, it is vital that the ends of the tubes fit together to form a tight seal. Leaks are potentially dangerous. They can damage the unit and harm everyone using it. Therefore the tubing must be accurate.

At Multiform Tubes, we use tube swaging because of the benefits it offers. For example, we ensure clients get products ready efficiently and rapidly. In addition, we are able to achieve smooth finishes.

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