Using the right machinery for tube bending

Metallic tubing is used for a wide range of different applications, including hydraulic and heating systems, to make safety railings, and as components in motor vehicles. Tubes can be made from a wide range of different materials to suit various specifications. Steels are commonly used because they are cheap to produce and have many uses. Aluminium and titanium tubes have good protection against corrosion and high structural strength respectively. Copper and brass are also good for certain requirements because of the thermal properties.

Making tubing can be challenging, but there are several techniques to get the right dimensions and finish. ERW tubes are the cheapest and easiest to make. This method sees sheets of the required material rolled to the right shape and then welded. Seamless tube is the other option. It is a little trickier to make tubes in this way but they will be completely free from any weaknesses or flaws.

Once you have the basic lengths of tubing you need it is time to decide whether you want them left like this or manipulated to create the final design. There are many ways to manipulate a length of tube, including both expansion and reduction. On top of this they can also be bent, curved or angled if necessary. Doing any of these things takes care and precision. It will also depend on the type you have opted for.

Tube bending is easiest when it is done by machinery, particularly when you’re working with materials like stainless steel that become more rigid as they are worked. Machines make the job much less labour intensive and can produce more accurate finishes than could be achieved by hand. Some devices can be used to make finished products with multiple, tightly spaces bends if necessary.

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