Our tube ring rolling services

Tube ring rolling involves bending tubes into circular ones, which produces a versatile component which is used in many different industries, from heating and automotive springs to items such as spiral staircases. Our professional tube ring rolling service ensures that even the strongest and most durable of tubes can be successfully rolled, while never running the risk of flattening or weakening the tube. It can be carried out with either cold or hot manipulation and done by hand or machine.

We are dedicated to improving industry standards and consistently deliver high quality products for all customers. Whether you are in heating and fabrication, medicine, shop fittings, transport, manufacturing or the automotive industry, we can provide the tube components you need in the right shapes and sizes. With over 200 different sizes of tubes and a variety of different shapes including oval, square and circular you are sure to find your ideal match here.

We prioritise our reputation and do everything in our power to uphold it. As experts in everything to do with tube manipulation we don’t just offer ring rolling but cover many other process including expansion, reduction, beading, end forming, swaging, drilling, welded fabrication and more. All services are versatile and can be catered to your exact requirements.

We aim to provide some of the highest quality products in the UK while simultaneously maintaining affordable prices. If you require our tube ring rolling services or anything else that we offer, please call us today or take a look at our available selection of tubes.