Using clamps and tubes in retail shops efficiently

We are tubing specialists that use our knowledge of the industry to give clients the best products. Using what we know, we are able to supply high quality services like tube drilling. With them, we can offer a multitude of utensils that meet the specifications for use in different industries. The tubes can be several distinct materials as well.

With e-commerce’s rise, our retail shops must fight harder than before. Fortunately, no substitute for an excellent in-person shopping service exists. People love trying on new outfits and others like chatting with the staff.

To help you make the experience far better for customers so they want to visit, you should consider clamps and tubes. They suit numerous practical purposes in the warehouse and shop floor, no matter the size. We are going to look at some of the ways you can introduce this solution to your own space.

Customer service aids

Firstly, we have customer service aids. Accessibility is becoming increasingly vital. Britain is comprehending the full scope of its market. Those with disabilities make contributions totalling around £267m to high street shops yearly. So, it is essential to ensure people can gain access and move around.

Handrails are an excellent place to begin. You can use them throughout the space, including on stairs and ramps, as well as in disabled washrooms. To make the shopping experience more comfortable, you can use clamps and tubes for the rails. They are also good for changing room seats. Tube drilling is great for helping to create components for these aids.

Clothing racks and rails

Tube drillingWith clothing displays, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every shop wants to display products differently. Some have rows of rails for people to hunt through, while others feature single items prominently. It all depends on your strategy.

Tubes and clamps are a flexible answer here and you can alter the size to fit your needs. This makes life simpler for merchandising. You can rotate stock rapidly to match the seasons. Likewise, you could be reshuffling stock when there are busy sales periods. Strong merchandising lets you produce a consistent brand. With a well-planned display, revenue can go up by as much as 33%.

Shelving units

Do you have a small retail space? If so, there is no reason why you can’t make the most of it. Tube and clamp shelving units can take stock upwards. You will have room to hang bigger objects and display smaller ones all at once.

The best thing here is you are able to make your own bespoke shelving units using the tubing, especially if you get services from us like tube drilling to customise pieces. You can then choose heavy-duty scaffold board or other boards for shelves. The first will let you prop up heavy display items with no issues.

Changing rooms

Accessibility and privacy are two leading factors for efficient changing areas. Instead of depending on troublesome lock mechanisms, a curtain rail saves space. It also provides shoppers with room to roam. A galvanised curtain rail will come with sturdy support.

Curtain rails don’t have to be restricted to changing rooms either. It is possible to use them to unveil display cases and section off areas during busy times.


The versatility that comes with tubes and clamps goes past the shop floor. It is perfect for stock room or warehouse racking, guardrails, handrails, and shelving. If you use it properly, the tube systems can assist with mobility too. As a result, staff can get to key stock swiftly.

Warehouses also often need workers to operate at heights, sometimes on mezzanines. Railings will guarantee you remain compliant with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. They reduce the risk of people falling.

Use our expert services for tube drilling and more

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we provide services to give our clients the freedom to use tubing in many different ways. This can be rails, racks, and many other products for retail spaces. We are creative, experienced, and always offer quality services.

The tube drilling in particular is excellent because it can save our clients hassle and time. It offers your tubes a precise, clean hole thanks to our specialist equipment. That can make it much easier to assemble and install products.

So, if you’d like to use any of our services, please let us know. You can even come to us for design ideas if you are wondering how tubing can help you to maximise your space.